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All our cupcakes and frostings are freshly made, using the best possible ingredients!

Classic Menu

Vanilla - simple vanilla sponge and buttercream icing, flavoured with the finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract.


Chocolate - delicious chocolate sponge and buttercream icing made with organic, fairtrade cocoa.


Lemon - a delicate lemon sponge, complimented by a fresh lemon curd centre.  Topped with a generous swirl of zesty lemon buttercream.


Classic victoria sponge - classic vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam centre, topped with pink vanilla buttercream icing.


Red Velvet - authentic red velvet cake, lightly flavoured with chocolate.  Finished with a cream cheese frosting.


Coffee - moist coffee sponge with a creamy coffee / fudge buttercream swirl.

Indulgent Menu


Cookies n Cream - a delicious chocolate sponge and light vanilla buttercream topped with a mini Oreo cookie.


Chocolate & Cherry - a rich chocolate sponge with a cherry jam centre.  Topped with a chocolate buttercream flavoured with Kirsch liqueur (for adults only).


Pistachio & Lime - light pistachio sponge topped with a fruity lime buttercream and chopped pistachio nuts.


Banana & Pecan - this fruit and nut combination is a favourite.  Super moist banana and pecan sponge with a vanilla buttercream and decorated with a pecan.


Gingerbread - a moist sponge with ginger, cinnamon and dark brown sugar, topped with a zesty orange buttercream and finished with a crystalized ginger.


Carrot & Orange - moist carrot cake topped with an orange buttercream and the zest of orange.

Chocoholics Delight Menu

Ultimate Chocolate cupcake - an indulgent chocolate sponge with organic cocoa and melted chocolate with a large swirl of rich chocolate buttercream icing.


Chocolate orange - moist chocolate sponge with a hint of orange juice, finished with a chocolate buttercream with zest of orange and a segment of Terry's chocolate orange.


Chocolate Bailey's - indulge in a chocolate sponge and buttercream topping flavoured with Irish liqueur (for adults only).


White chocolate & raspberry - a delicate white chocolate sponge with a raspberry curd filling.  Topped with a creamy, white chocolate buttercream


Mint Choc Chip - chocolate chip sponge with a peppermint flavoured buttercream swirl and chocolate mint sticks.

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